Audi A6 Hummingbird

Posted on February 3, 2012

This new ad from Audi introduces the hummingbird as an allusion to the A6’s lightweight construction, agility and efficiency.

I was involved in this ad for over two months, working to define the anisotropic metallic look of the hummingbird until it was approved by Audi, then moving on to shading the Bees, and then finally on to actual shots. All shots with the bees in them were done by me, except for the smoke simulations, which were done by the talented Ciaran Moloney.

Hats off to all the bunch of talented people I worked with on this job.

{The Mill’s official video link}

{FX Guide Article}

{VES Society Nomination in the following categories}

-Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial or Video Game Trailer category,
-Outstanding Animated Character in a Broadcast Program or Commercial category and
-Outstanding Created Environment in a Broadcast Program or Commercial category